About Us

My name is Krish and I and my sister, Anusha who live in the San Francisco Bay Area and started KindCause.com for one reason, to give back to the world.

We are so grateful that we live in a wonderful community with nothing to worry about except for having fun in life. However not all people are as fortunate as us which is why we built a platform wherein we sell jewelry and other interesting finds and distribute 90% of the net profits, including 80% is given to the charity of buyers choice. The bottom line is you feel good when you buy products at KindCause.com as not only you get the pleasure to enjoying the goods, but you also feel good as you helped someone in need or also raise funds for your favorite charity.

Our vision is to provide an e-commerce platform to all the charity organizations so they can continue to do more and achieve their goals.

We also wanted to give tribute to our grandma who passed away of cancer. This is why we are supporting charities that help others.  We all need kindness – for ourselves, our family or our friends.  KindCause.com sells products to help charities help people in need.

By the way you do not always need to donate money or buy things to do kind things. You can do kind things in other ways too. To provide you with some cool ideas of how be KIND around you, we have started a blog to share some interesting videos, quotes and stories to help you with doing some acts of kindness for others. 



KrishMy name is Krish Thukral. I am the co-founder of KindCause along with my sister, Anusha. We are so grateful for all that we have including, food, shelter, an amazing family, and much more.  I came up with this idea to sell products, such as, t-shirts, prints, and jewelry and donate the money we earn to charities. Our main goal is to spread the love we get to the world by helping our community as much as possible. We want to create a kinder world. We like to follow this saying by the greek fabulist, Aesop, “No act of kindness, no matter how small is ever wasted. 


My name is Anusha Thukral. I am the co-founder of KindCause along with my brother, Krish. I help manage the social properties such as Instagram, Twitter. Follow up @KindCause and let us know how we can help you.